Why Facebook Pages are Losing Likes – Fans

Individuals noticing that their Face book pages losing like numbers are all over the network. The good news is that these aren’t real people who are simply avoiding the pages or who are deciding against being a fan. These are fans who don’t really exist. They are a section of the Face book likes that have been there through a non-compliance with the terms of the network, or otherwise known as ‘fake likes’. These ‘fake likes’ arrived on certain Face book pages through malware, compromised accounts, fake accounts, or otherwise.
The network actually announced that certain Face book pages losing like numbers would happen because they were performing a purge on the false fans. They want the network to stand for authenticity. They want to ensure that the people who become fans of certain pages are indeed real and that they are truly fans of that company or name.
The Face book pages losing like numbers are actually quite varied but even the most popular pages are only losing on average, one percent of their fan likes. In fact, Texas HoldEm Poker only lost 0.15%, which is the largest number removed from any one of the top pages. On the larger scale of things, while the daily growth of Face book likes are dwindling and even reducing in numbers, the weekly level of growth is still up for the majority of these pages.
Although the Face book network as a company is cutting down on these fake likes and removing the false numbers appearing on any of these pages, this is only a symptom of the actions that cause it. The action of creating a fake account is easy and there are certainly plenty of individuals who have the talent for creating malware that has the same effect.

Removing the false likes and forcing pages to lose likes is only one step in the battle and it is something that will possibly be continuing for a while until the actions that cause these false numbers are prevented.

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  1. Has anyone heard of the websites that lose facebook likes taking a dip in their google rank? i have seen some websites negatively impacted by this and was wondering if others saw the same.

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