Top 10 Tips For Using YouTube

YouTube 2 As the second most popular search engine around, YouTube offers fertile ground for planting and nurturing relationships with your clients and customers. But how do you break through the clutter when more than 24 hours of video is being uploaded each minute? And how do you make sure that your business is using this new media effectively? By following these 10 simple tips:

1. Learn from others’ successes (and failures). Before creating a YouTube strategy, take the time to do some research. Examine your competitor’s videos to see what worked, and what didn’t, so that you can focus your efforts for the greatest return.

2.  Carefully consider the length of your video. Keep it as short as possible to keep people interested, but informed. With a regular account you can load videos that are up to 10 minutes long – but only use all 10 minutes if you need to.

3. Make it interesting, right off the bat. Don’t forget that YouTube now ranks videos based on time watched, rather than clicks, so keeping your audience engaged is just as (if not more) important than attracting them in the first place. The first 15 seconds will determine whether people will watch more or click on, so make sure you start strong.

4. Call to action. Content is key to having a great YouTube video, but when focusing on creating an entertaining video it’s so easy to forget a call to action. Don’t forget to inspire your views to do something – whether it be to purchase a product, donate, or simply interact with your brand.

5. Complete the circle. Don’t focus on just one type of video – make sure that your business’ videos cover all stages of the business cycle: awareness, interest, intent, and purchase.

6. Annotate! A great way to add more information and commentary to your videos is to add annotations prior to posting. Annotations are those pop-up conversation blocks that you see sometimes in YouTube videos. Want to learn more about them? Check how we used annotation to tell people what to do in this Social Media video

7. Keep it social. While it can be tempting to simply upload your video, sit back, and watch the clicks roll in, it’s important to remember that YouTube is one of the many social media out there these days. Interact with your clients and consumers. Like their videos and respond to their comments. A little relationship building can go a long way! Don’t forget to connect your YouTube stream to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for a seamless transition.

8. Ask for feedback. Don’t know if your videos are effective? Need new ideas for upcoming vlogs? Who better to ask than your viewers? If you’re not sure if you are following the right path, ask for feedback in the comments sections. You’ll find out whether what you’re doing is a hit or miss, and get ideas for future posts.

9. Provide varied content. A clever commercial can be a great idea, but is that all you’re going to put on YouTube? Everyone loves a good how-to video, and some client testimonials will lend credibility to your brand. If you find that you’re always posting the same kind of information, switch it up from time to time to keep your page lively.

10. Be accessible. Don’t forget your clients and customers with disabilities. Consider adding subtitles to key videos (including how-to’s) to expand your reach and give greater value to your viewers.

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