Sharing Content Takes Precedence in Social Networking

One of the great perks of having social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is that you can develop content and share it instantly with a readily available audience. Social networking is certainly going in the direction of encouraging sharing, instead of merely connecting. Users can now easily follow someone’s posts without sharing their online network.

On a network such as LinkedIn for instance, you can post an article, and have others outside of your network read it and share it, expanding your overall reach. Facebook and Twitter allow you to link to other blog posts and video platforms such as YouTube.

On Facebook, users can also subscribe and receive updates on posted content, without having to add that person to their own network. This feature allows for quick and easy following of posts by key influencers, journalists, and industry leaders.

With the option of viewing posts that are public, viewers can keep up with important and relevant conversations happening on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and now, LinkedIn.

Where does this leave content creators? New possibilities for reach and engagement are presented. At the same time, with more exposure than ever before, public posters will want to make sure that they create content that is  easy to share, relevant, and above all, suitable to a public forum.

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