12 More Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

Remember the article on 12 must-have social media tools? We rounded up another 12 great social media goodies that will make your social media management work easier and more effective.

1. Reachli

If your company is using Pinterest, you want to look into Reachli as your new analytics tool. Reachli allows you to preschedule pins and observe data on audience feedback and engagement. A nice, clean design allows you to easily navigate the product, to quickly benefit from the analytical insights and prescheduling capabilities of the tool. As with other effective analytics tools, by using Reachli, you can begin to understand the way your audience is interacting with your Pinterest content, and consequently adjust, plan and strategize accordingly. Reachli also allows for advertising for a low cost.

2. Gaggle AMP

GaggleAMP is a great tool to use if you’re looking to encourage B2B marketing, harnessing the social media presence and support of internal brand advocates. GaggleAMP allows social media managers to encourage their team members to spread the brand message through social media.

The tool also allows managers to line up specifically the messages that there are looking to spread, the platform, and how frequently they’d like to spread that message.  How do you do it? Sign up to Gaggle AMP, create a “Gaggle” group, and ask team members to join the Gaggle, which allows members to view content and share it with heir social media networks. A gamification aspect with a point system makes this a fun tool to use, and members are rewarded when they are good sharers.

3. Instagram

Instagram can easily be argued to be one of the most popular social media channels today. Not only does Instagram allow for sharing beautiful content, the community is wide-raching and strong.  Content on Instagram has been shared, with credits given, by huge brands, giving artists and photographers a new recognition.

4.  Quaozio

Have you ever wanted to share a compelling quote or a blurb as an image on Pinterest or other social media platforms? With the popularity of infographics, it’s easy to see that online readers prefer easy to process, striking visual content. Quozio allow you to do just that, by creating quotation images that can be easily shared on image-heavy sites such as Pinterest. You can easily pin your newly created image directly to Pinterest from the Quozio interface.

5.  Facebook Pages Manager Apps

This tool specifically allows for the management of multiple pages, a useful product for social media managers who are managing multiple accounts.  The tool allows you to post and engage with fans on multiple pages, create Facebook Offers directly from the app, and promote programs and services at your own convenience.  You can also promote specific posts by buying Promoted Posts easily from your mobile phone.

6. PostAcumen

How do you create incredibly engaging content on Facebok? You figure out how well your content performs, how well it performs compared to your competition, and you plan forward equipped with strategies based on your gained knowledge. PostAcumen is a new tool that allows users to create extensive competitive analysis on Facebook posts, including analysis of how fans engage with content, and how yor results measure up next to your competition.

7. Tweetbot

Tweetbot is similar to other Twitter apps, except that it gives you the special feature of filtering out tweets. When you’re looking to make the most of your time on Twitter, this becomes especially useful. The app lets you rein in specifically on content that matters the most to you or to your business.


AgoraPlus offers specific advantages for small businesses. It’s budget-friendly, as one of the more affordable tools out there. AgoraPlus is especially useful for managing Facebook accounts, providing special features such as contest and promotion applications,  advanced statistics, automated moderation, workflow management, fan rankings, and content recommendation.  Since these features are usually only available in expensive online solutions, AgoraPlus’s feature-heavy offering at an affordable price, makes them invaluable for smaller businesses.

9. LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise Page

When you’re navigating one of your most important professional profiles online, you want to be able to find out quickly who your key influencers are, targeted companies, relationship-building groups, etc. LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise Page allows you to search for essential keywords to add to your profile, such as relevant related skills (the tool will bring up related skills keywords that are most popular and that are most highly used on the site).

Most importantly, LinkedIn will show you who the key influencers in your networks are, and how they are connected to you.  The Skills and Expertise page also highlights companies, jobs and groups that LinkedIn recognizes as relevant to your skills and experience.  As a result LinkedIn is an incredibly useful, time-saving tool that helps you strategize and prepare for building stronger connections through online networking.

10. Pocket

Pocket was formerly known as Read It Later, and it is essentially a centralized mobile content creation and sharing platform.  It allows you to save and tag content from any device to your Pocket account. The browser extensions capabilities allows you to save content from Google Reader and Twitter. It integrates with over 300 web and mobile apps, so that you can use Pocket to collect the best content for your needs and share it whenever and through whatever device that you wish.

11. Scoop.It

This product allows you to collect and curate great content online with a simple click and share function. “Scooping” content online means that you’re creating a post that is added to a “topic” category, which others can also follow. This means that you can also follow the topics of others, whose interests align with yours. Whenever you scoop content, Scoop.It suggests relevant content  that you may be interested in, exposing you to yet more interesting content online. You can even integrate your topics to your HootSuite account. Consequentially, Scoop.It is a great tool to use to nurture relationships online by building a community around shared interests and topics.

12. Lithium

Lithium is yet another great tool for building and strengthening online communities, especially if you’re dealing with a customer-based online community. The tool allows admins to view customer inquiries and FAQs easily, privately moderate, and easily collect solutions created by both customers and the team. The insights contribute to creating better content consistently. Useful features of Lithium include co-creation of content with guest-bloggers, building a knowledge-based community, a reward system based on frequent contribution, and an easy to customize and easy to navigate functionality.

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